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Xia Yu, male, graduated from Soochow University, doctorate. Director of Technology Center , chief engineer, senior engineer, committee member of Chinese Technology Institute of electrical insulating material and technology Specialized Committee, vice chairman of the National Standardization Technical Committee insulating materials, a member of Chinese Electrotechnical Society of Engineering Dielectric Specialized Committee in the sixth session of the committee, a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee of rotary motor , a member of the American institute of electrical and electronic engineers, editor of the insulation materials journal, senior talent is introduced from the East Of Science And Technology in 2006.


Wang Wen, male, graduated from the Chemistry Research Institute of Chinese, doctorate., deputy director of technology center. He devoted himself to the research of polymer-nanoparticle composites and high-performance electrical insulating materials for a long time. He has successively presided and participated in the dry and high permeability less glue mica tape, million kilowatt generator insulation system, nuclear main pump motor, high thermal and less glue mica tape,VPI epoxy resin.


Zhou Cheng, male, graduated from Soochow University, doctorate, technical manager . He was rated as the Wujiang shortage of talent in 2011. He was engaged in the research and development of environmentally friendly and corona resistant material for a long time. And has been responsible for low volatile polyester imide impregnating resin, water soluble impregnated resin, environmentally friendly VPI epoxy resin for high-voltage motor ,and research and development of corona resistant material and system for high frequency motor.


Liu Weigang, male, graduated from Heilongjiang University, master degree

Published papers: 1, in the Journal Journal of Materials ScienceA Facile Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous TiO2 Microspheres with Carbonaceous Species for Visible-light Photocatalysis

2、《One step synthesis of core-shell structure C-TiO2 composite and UV-Vis photocatalytic degradation of dyes published in the Journal of Heilongjiang University

3He published paper of Analysis and development of low temperature resistant insulating materials in Explosion proof Motor Sixth issue magazine in 2016.

Patent application:Preparation method of TiO2 photocatalysis materialCN201510869833.6

Xue Xiaolong, male, graduated from Dalian Industrial University, master degree, engineer, mica products manager, assistant director of the engineer in Sample test department. Participate in  the science and technology project in Suzhou: to deepen the study of mica tape for electrical, improve the less glue mica tape, improve the formula of middle glue mica tape, research and development of C grade silicone mica tape.


Li Cuicui, female, graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology, master degree. The main results: participate in the project of water soluble insulating impregnating resin, the project number is "080584G0160N", the project was identified as Jiangsu high-tech products in 2008, won the  technological innovation "double cup award"of Suzhou "ideal contributions" in 2008.



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